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In Turkmenistan, homemade pyrotechnics will be subject to a fine

The corresponding amendments to the law entered into force on Monday, November 28. Article 3491 regulates administrative responsibility for the manufacture, storage, purchase, transportation and use of homemade firecrackers, fireworks and other pyrotechnics in the form of fines or administrative detention.

The amount of the fine under the new legislation can be 4-8 basic units. The article also provides for full confiscation of the manufactured goods and the means of their manufacture. For repeat offenses, the fine may be increased to 6-10 basic units.

For an offence committed for the first time, the maximum duration of administrative detention is 10 days, and for a repeat offence - 15 days. When the offence is committed by a person under 16 years of age, the responsibility in the form of a fine of 2 to 5 times the basic unit is borne by his parents or guardians.

The size of the base value is currently set at 100 TMT in the country.


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