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Taking care of the environment is a priority of state policy in Turkmenistan

The leader of the Turkmen nation approved the documents necessary to ensure the implementation of urgent tasks in the field of environmental protection and to intensify cooperation in this area with the international community.

The changes will affect the joint CADI project with the German M. Zuckow Foundation aimed at preserving the biodiversity of Turkmenistan's deserts.

The President also instructed the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the UNDP to adopt a plan of action for the current year on the issues of socio-economic support of the population engaged in agricultural activities in arid areas of the country.

To reduce the impact of urbanization in the country's capital and Avaza, the head of Turkmenistan instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and UNDP to develop a joint plan-2020.

The fourth document signed by the President concerns the implementation of the project of the State Committee of Water Management and UNDP to improve the energy efficiency of the country's water supply.

The signing of these documents will allow Turkmenistan to implement eco-projects with the UN, aimed at ensuring environmental stability in the state.


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