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Residents of the Romanian capital joined the Turkmen Carpet Festival

Residents of the Romanian capital joined the Turkmen Carpet Festival

An event marking the anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence and the Turkmen Carpet Day was held in the Romanian capital, organized by the joint efforts of the Turkmen diplomatic mission in Bucharest and the National Museum of the Romanian Peasantry. Carpet Day is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of May.

Participants in the celebration included representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the diplomatic corps, academia, and the public, as well as students from Turkmenistan studying in Bucharest universities.

The general director of the National Museum of Romanian Peasantry, Virgiu-Stefan Nitulescu, the deputy secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Culture, Costel-Christian Lazar, and the head of Turkmenistan's diplomatic mission in Romania, Annamammet Annaev, addressed the audience. They told the visitors about the history of Turkmen carpet weaving and the role it has played in global culture. The importance of further improving intercultural interaction was also noted.

It was also noted that the Turkmen national skill of carpet weaving is included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

When the plenary part was over the guests were shown video films about Turkmen carpet weaving, its historical path and traditions.

One of the rooms of the Museum of the Romanian Rural People was devoted to a thematic exhibition. Visitors could get acquainted with photographic works, samples of arts and crafts, souvenirs, books, as well as other things related to Turkmen carpet weaving and Turkmenistan in general.

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