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Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan synchronize customs control

Online talks were held between the heads of the working committees of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan to develop a roadmap to expand partnership in a number of significant areas. Among them are IT, energy, telecommunications, transport, logistics, trade and investment. In particular, the participating countries intend to deepen border and customs coordination.

I. Huseynov, deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee (SCC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, shared his experience with the unified automated management system. It is used by the SCC for the purpose of customs control and clearance. I.Huseynov emphasized that the Azerbaijani customs has significant experience in primary data interchange.

He also added that the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan and the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan have already concluded an agreement that allows the primary exchange of information on transport. A similar agreement concluded with Afghanistan will make the steps taken in this direction even more effective.

The deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan said that similar agreements had already been concluded with Iran, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

Turkmen experts made a proposal to create a Memorandum of Interaction. It was also proposed to develop a roadmap action plan. The participants of the videoconference also considered the issue of introducing a regular working group. This will contribute to the realization of the intended objectives and the exchange of lists of prohibited items.


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