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Dashoguz province is the leader in the cultivation of leguminous crops in Turkmenistan

Dashoguz administrative-territorial district of Turkmenistan has long been considered the best in the cultivation of leguminous plants. This year the region coped with the state order for the harvesting of pulses and oilseeds ahead of schedule.

The rich harvest will provide the inhabitants of Turkmenistan with products that occupy a worthy place in the preparation of national dishes: pilaf with sesame oil, and noyba and mash are indispensable ingredients in soups, stews, porridges.

The Dashoguz region has accumulated a lot of experience in growing this kind of crops, which significantly improves the fertile layer of the soil as well.

The region successfully combines the cultivation of sesame, peas and beans with other crops. As a result of joint growth, plants become more frost-resistant, resistant to disease and drought, better tolerate transportation and significantly increase their shelf life.

The area of fields under legumes is being expanded in the region to provide not only the domestic market with nutritious products, but also to be able to export them to foreign countries. Consumption of legumes, which contain useful substances, increases human immunity and improves health.



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