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Citizens of Kazakhstan can vote in elections on the territory of Turkmenistan

On November 20, a special election of the president of Kazakhstan will be held. Citizens of the country who are in Turkmenistan for tourism, business, personal and other purposes will be able to vote for one of the six candidates. For this purpose, a polling station has been established on the territory of the diplomatic mission in Turkmenistan. Similar polling stations are located in 52 other foreign countries around the world.

On Election Day, all citizens of Kazakhstan with valid passports can come to their country's embassy and vote from 7 am to 8 pm. However, in order to organize the voting process in the most efficient way, citizens of Kazakhstan staying in Turkmenistan are asked to contact the embassy in advance and provide their data for timely inclusion in the list of voters.

In the extraordinary presidential elections of the Republic of Kazakhstan six candidates were registered.

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