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Expert evaluated the efficiency of bitumen production at Seyda refinery in Turkmenistan

Expert of the editorial board CentralAsia Dr. Allaberdy Ilyasov spoke about how the production and sale of high quality bitumen creates conditions for the growth of the income part of Turkmenistan's economy.

The Seyda Refinery earlier launched an innovative technological unit for the production of road bitumen. This innovative technology is a development of Westport Trading Europe Limited. The technological solution makes it possible to produce road bitumen from oil to the highest international standards, which opens up new horizons for the development of the Turkmen oil and gas market.

Strategic Production

The technological unit of Seyda Refinery is the first production in the state based on the process of visbreaking of crude oil. The solution of Westport Trading Europe Limited includes processing of heavy oil residues, in fact, wastes left after oil refining and obtaining components for manufacturing base oil products. This technology makes it possible to produce high-quality road bitumen meeting modern standards from oil with high paraffin content. Ultimately, it allows deep refining of oil and increases the efficiency of use of Turkmenistan's hydrocarbons.

Continuous development of technological solutions based on innovative scientific discoveries is a guarantee of the quality of the final product. In the construction of highways asphalt concrete is used, which is made of crushed stone, sand, mineral powder, petroleum bitumen. Durability, strength, deformation and water resistance of highways largely depend on the quality of the bitumen used. In view of the expansion of the network of highways in Turkmenistan, the production of high-quality bitumen is becoming archival.

The highways of tomorrow

At the moment the construction of asphalt roads in the areas of oil and gas production, highways between the capital and regional centers, including highways of international importance, is carried out at a rapid pace in the state.

Roads of proper quality allow for an increase in passenger traffic and freight turnover. Accordingly, the export of high-quality bitumen from Turkmenistan will also help supplement the national budget.

The construction of infrastructure highways is one of the strategic vectors of the national program of socio-economic development until 2025, because they are needed both for domestic use and to ensure international transit traffic. This, in turn, increases the potential for interaction between Turkmenistan and its partner states.


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