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International companies will create the largest dump truck

The world's largest hydrogen-powered truck is being developed in collaboration with three The world's largest truck equipped with a hydrogen engine, three international companies are working together international companies are working together. The British mining TNC Anglo American is puzzled by the modernization of its Komatsu quarry truck lineup. In doing so, the French energy TNC ENGIE, a French energy company that supplies hydrogen technology, is helping. technology, and the British company Williams, which deals with British company Williams, which deals with battery systems.

According to the developers' idea, the machine will be equipped with a Li-ion battery with a capacity of more than 1,000 kWh, making it it will be competitive with diesel counterparts. In addition, the dump truck is planned as a hybrid model, capable of operating either on battery or hydrogen cell. Anglo American T. O'Neill noted that one of the main challenges that the release hydrogen truck is to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% as early as 2030.

Experts also talk about cheaper service of the new machines. In addition, hydrogen electric trucks are less noisy than diesel ones. The weight of the developed truck will exceed the record-breaking 45 tons of "eDumper" and will be about 290 tons.

The start of production of hydrogen dump trucks is scheduled for 2020, the testing of vehicles will take place in South Africa.

Source: Business Insider

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