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Turkish Embassy in Ashgabat clarified the cases when you do not need a visa

The Turkish Embassy in Ashgabat clarified the cases when citizens of Turkmenistan need a visa and when they do not, reports the newspaper Atavatan-Turkmenistan.

If a citizen of Turkmenistan who has a temporary residence permit (ikamet) arrives in Turkmenistan and wishes to return to Turkey before it expires, there is no need for a visa to travel to Turkey.

Even those citizens who have a work permit in Turkey (çalışma izni) do not need a visa, provided that the document has not expired.
Citizens of Turkmenistan must obtain a transit visa if they arrive in Turkey and stay for a short time and want to leave for other countries. Transit visa is issued for the time of the flight after arrival in Turkey, and this period is 5 days. The embassy recommends to specify this period when obtaining a transit visa.

If citizens of Turkmenistan fly from Turkey to another country through a connecting transit flight, they can fly to other countries directly through Turkey without obtaining a transit visa.

The source notes that the information is valid as of October 7, 2022. Since legislation is subject to change, citizens are advised to follow the news before traveling.

Recall that in mid-September Turkey cancelled visa-free regime for Turkmen citizens. A Turkish firm will handle visa issuance to Turkey for citizens of Turkmenistan Gateway International. The visa itself worth $85, and insurance is $65.

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  • Being in Turkey in an official marriage with a Turkish citizen and having a family ikamet, I want to go home, in this case, a visa to leave Turkmenistan is also not required?

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