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Pink flamingos appeared on Lake Karakol in Kazakhstan

A hundred pink flamingos were recorded by a local resident on Karakol Island in the Republic of Karakol in the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to ornithologists, in early February, 1,000 exotic birds arrived here from Africa, where they wintered, more than 1,000 exotic birds flew in early February. The tropical visitors this year appeared earlier than usual, the reason is the warm winter of 2020. In total according to specialists say 50-100 thousand birds migrate to Kazakhstan in summer.

Most of the flamingos after a will leave Karakol Island in a short time, but some lonely birds will stay here. Karakol, but some lonely birds will stay here. What the inhabitants of Aktau, which is 15 km from the lake, are happy to be able to watch the beautiful creatures. Pink flamingos in the bird world are longevity, the period of their life can reach 40 years. The female lays from 1 to 3 eggs.

О. Karakol becomes an annual Karakol is home to more than 80 bird species, 21 of which are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The most common are: flamingos, swans, ducks, herons. Much less common are white-tailed eagle, whooper swan, long-tailed eagle and Bewick's swan. swan.

Another place where flamingos arrive in the Mangistau region is the Seal Islands. Scientists note a decrease in the number of these graceful birds, but so far they do not need additional protection.


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