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Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan Railway Section to be Completed

The head of the Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan Azim Ibrohim announced the intention of his country to complete the construction of the Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan railroad section passing through its territory. According to the minister, about $128 million is needed to implement the Tajik section of the project.

At the moment, the government commission has already approved the railway direction. Negotiations have also started with the funds in order to attract investment for its implementation. According to the head of the Ministry of Transport, Tajikistan has never refused to participate in the above-mentioned project, which should certainly be implemented. Negotiations are underway with such financial institutions as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The route approved by the Tajik government runs through the Panj and J.Balkhi districts, eventually merging with Kunduz, Afghanistan.

The memorandum on the construction of the Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan railway was signed in March 2013. The heads of the three countries signed the document.

Further, ADB provided grant funds in the amount of $9 million. They were used to develop a feasibility study for the project. This financial institution also promised to finance the construction of the Afghan section of the railroad.

However, at the end of 2015, due to the difficult situation in Afghanistan, financial support for construction had to be suspended.

There were also controversial points about the direction of the Afghan section. There were two options: a short one and a long one. The short one, proposed by the Tajik side, was 160 km. The Afghan side proposed a direction that was more than 500 km long. The parties were eventually able to reach an agreement by approving the relevant document.


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