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Turkmenistan and the UAE are working on a joint bank

The mass media of Turkmenistan widely covered President Berdymukhamedov's trip to Dubai. The purpose of the trip to the United Arab Emirates was to negotiate the expansion and deepening of bilateral interstate cooperation. The representative of the Arab side stressed at the meeting that Turkmenistan's energy potential and trade relations with the country are of great interest to the Emirati authorities.

Investment policy issues were discussed during the visit. The inflow of fresh investments into Turkmenistan's industry and economy will make the market even more attractive and increase the growth rate of the economy.

The Arab side's proposal to open representative offices of the jointly established bank was approved by President Berdymukhamedov. He assured the friendly side that the country has all opportunities for the establishment of a long-term commonwealth in the banking sector.

A representative of the UAE was invited to Turkmenistan for a return visit and to clarify the nuances of opening an international bank.



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