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Turkmenistan develops new directions of cargo transportation by air

Turkmenistan is going to carry out cargo transportation by air in new directions. Turkmenistan Airlines" JSC announced the launch of direct flights to China and Germany. The date of the initial flight is February 26, 2021. Cargo will be transported by Boeing 777-200 LR aircraft once a week. Every Friday the plane will go to Beijing (PRC), and every Saturday - to Frankfurt am Main (FRG).

Cargo transportation by air transport is still planned in the test mode and will continue until the beginning of April. At the moment orders for cargo transportation to a number of Asian and European countries are being accepted. For this purpose modern "Boeings" capable of carrying up to 35 tons of cargo at a time will be used.

The increased efficiency of air cargo transportation achieved by the opening of additional routes will enable all stakeholders to increase the frequency of flights, delivering more cargo to current and new destinations by Boeing.

In recent years, Turkmenistan Airlines has operated regular air cargo shipments only using IL-76s, with Istanbul (Turkey) and Abu Dhabi (UAE) as destinations.


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