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Lebap entrepreneurs increase exports

Representatives of the private sector in the Lebap region are actively working on increased exports products to foreign countries. Positive dynamics is observed in the volume of exports of industrial goods and agricultural products.

Thus, according to the results of 2020, the revenue of individual entrepreneurs in the main types of food exports was: tomatoes (over $3.4 million), green beans ($418.5 thousand), millet ($215.5 thousand). Among the leaders in this direction are such private enterprises: "Altyn burgut", "Mizemez", "Besh nur", "Bereketli jay", "Ahmet-Haydar", "Nuryagdy" and others.

Thanks to the successful mastery of innovative ways of care and year-round indoor tomato growing, for 10 months. 2020 г. Turkmenistan managed to increase exports of tomatoes to 30 thousand tons.


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