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EBRD Announces Online Course for SMEs "Know-How Academy

With EU financial support, the EBRD is launching a free online program in Turkmenistan specifically designed for small and medium-sized private companies that are important to the development of the economy.

To implement the project, a "Know-How Academy" platform was created, where participants will be able to learn educational information as well as receive practical advice from experts and exchange opinions. SME representatives will receive information on financial support from the government and banks in the EBRD's 30 countries of operations.

The program includes 5 key topics in crisis management:

  1. Customers and suppliers.
  2. Fundamentals of Financial Management.
  3. Funding.
  4. Personnel Management.
  5. Problems of leadership and leadership.

The knowledge gained after the course will help Turkmen entrepreneurs cope with the difficult economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EBRD plans to implement this training project in 30 countries, so the participants will be more than 10 thousand representatives of SMEs from different countries.

The program is available from May 28 on the website

Contacts at the EBRD Office in Turkmenistan: Zibagozel Orazova, orazovaz@ebrd.comTel: +99312 468820; +99365 724653.

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