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Horticulture continues to develop in the northern regions of Turkmenistan

Horticulture continues to develop in the northern regions of Turkmenistan

Horticulture development activities continue in the northern regions of Turkmenistan. The first shipments of a new crop of early maturing apple varieties and other fruit crops grown by Sarybay Khanbayev, an entrepreneur from the Dashoguz region and a SPPT member, have already been sent to markets.

The orchards, which the private owner takes care of, are spread over 35 hectares of virgin lands of the Ruhubelent etrap. Ten of them are devoted to cherry orchards, and another ten are used for the cultivation of apricots. The remaining ten hectares are devoted to apples and pears, and the five remaining hectares are occupied by vineyards, which annually bring a fine harvest.

Having set himself the goal of increasing production, the entrepreneur seeks to solve it through the use of advanced tillage technologies. In addition, he selects varieties that should be characterized by maximum resistance to diseases, adaptability to the local climate and high yields. In addition to horticulture, Sarybay Khanabayev also grows other varieties of agricultural products, including melons.

In recent years, horticulture in the northern regions of Turkmenistan has become the subject of increasing interest of private farmers due to its profitability and prospects. It has been chosen by a number of local SPPT members as a key area of activity. Entrepreneurs strive to fill the state market with high quality fruit and berry products.

The regions of Turkmenistan create the most favorable conditions for attracting private business to the agricultural sector. For this purpose, special agricultural land funds have been formed. In total, on the territory of Dashoguz region more than two thousand citizens who decided to devote themselves to agricultural production, including horticulture and viticulture received land plots.

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