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Postgraduate and doctoral admission campaign begins in Turkmenistan

The campaign for admission to graduate and doctoral programs will start in Turkmenistan. The procedure for admission to postgraduate study at a number of universities and scientific institutions of the country, including a list of relevant specialties, was published today in the central press of Turkmenistan.
According to the announcement, graduate students are admitted on a competitive basis, who have higher education, at least five years of work experience, and who have demonstrated an aptitude for scientific research in their chosen field. In the field of medicine, individuals who have completed a full clinical residency and have at least three years of experience in health care, or individuals who have not completed a clinical residency and have at least five years of experience, are admitted to graduate school on a competitive basis.
Persons with a PhD degree, a certificate from the scientific council of the university or scientific organization working in the given scientific direction, about the completion of two-thirds of a doctoral dissertation, as well as the recommendation issued by that scientific council, are admitted to the doctoral studies on a competitive basis.
Applicants for the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences can be persons who have a scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences. The attachment of applicants to a university or scientific organization for the preparation of a doctoral dissertation can be carried out for a period not exceeding four years.
Candidates may be applicants for a Ph.D. degree if they have a higher education degree. Persons who have completed a full course of postgraduate study are not eligible for admission as PhD candidates. Applicants for a Ph.D. thesis shall be enrolled for a period of not more than three years. It is not allowed to be a candidate in two or more higher education institutions or scientific organizations at the same time.
Entrance examinations to graduate school begin March 1, acceptance of applications for doctoral studies is from March 1 to March 24, acceptance of applications for doctoral studies - in the same terms. Enrollment in graduate and doctoral programs and as applicants will be conducted from April 1, 2023.

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