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Mass sowing of cotton continues in Turkmenistan

Mass sowing of cotton continues in Turkmenistan. The northern region was the last to join the sowing season of 2021. This year, farmers in Dashoguz province will sow the "white gold" area equal to 155 thousand hectares. Agrarians plan to harvest 275 thousand tons of cotton. Farmers in the north of the country favor medium-fiber varieties, such as "Dashguz-120", "149F", "Gubadag-3" and others.

More than 2.2 thousand high-performance tractors, as well as seeding machines and cotton cultivators in the amount of 452 units went to the fields of Dashoguz province. To ensure the continuity of sowing operations, 132 brigades have been formed. At their disposal they have mobile workshops, welding machines and transport that will deliver fuel.

The start of the sowing season was preceded by a meeting with the participation of employees of the agro-industrial complex and the leadership of local authorities, which was held in the Dashoguz Province Governor's Office. The participants considered the topical issues of sowing season organization.

In the south of Turkmenistan, in Mary province, sowing of cotton is planned to be completed by April 20. Here, 180 thousand hectares are allocated for "white gold". In order to complete the campaign by the deadline, schedules of all stages of work have been developed - selection of quality seeds, their delivery to the places of sowing, provision of machinery involved in the sowing campaign with fuel, etc.

Lessees of Murghab valley have brought to the fields almost five hundred seeders. Already 30 thousand hectares have been sown. Gradually, the pace of the sowing campaign is increasing. Cotton growers plan to increase the daily growth of sown areas, eventually achieving a daily sowing of up to 12 thousand hectares. The high rate of sowing will allow to meet the period when there are ideal agricultural and technical conditions for cotton.

And in order to increase the load on machinery did not lead to breakdowns and forced downtime, local agricultural services organize prompt repair work and the provision of planting material.


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