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Turkmenistan has completed the early voting phase of the presidential election

Early voting for the presidential election in Turkmenistan showed good values in terms of the attendance of polling facilities - about 3% citizens decided to choose their candidate in advance. The main stage of the election will begin tomorrow, and the additional - early voting stage was held for nine days and successfully ended today. Citizens who happened to be outside the borders of Turkmenistan, in other states, at this important time for Turkmenistan, were very active; they did not stay aside and voted for the president-elect as well. According to the Central Election Commission, about a third of citizens abroad voted.

The Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan on the official news channels and in the media announced the beginning of early elections on March 2. On the same day, more than 2.5 thousand polling stations were opened, equipped with all the necessary items and facilities for the elections, the facilities are located in different parts of Turkmenistan, for the convenience of citizens. More than 40 polling stations were opened abroad.


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