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Cattle breeders in Mary velayat of Turkmenistan will restore wells for cattlemen

The "Maryörisuw" team of well diggers from Mary region of Turkmenistan plans to restore seven wells for cattle farms located in the Takhtabazar etrap.

The craftsmen of the enterprise have already deployed activities in this direction. So far, one well has been repaired, which is used by the cattle farm "Maldar". The work on its restoration took a whole month. The well operators have worked hard, since the aquifer itself is about 115 meters deep. However, due to their efforts, today 30-35 cubic meters of water can be obtained from the well per day. This makes it possible to fully provide life-giving water to the herds that graze on the pastures of the Maldar cattle farm.

According to Byashgeldy Metiyev, who heads the Maryörisuw enterprise, the region was the focus of his team's attention because of the high degree of development of distant pastoralism in this etrap.

However, well workers do not ignore other etraps of Mary velayat. The enterprise's specialists build and reconstruct wells in Bayramali, Serhetabat and Sakarchagin. Last year alone, "Maryörisuw" employees managed to produce from 25 to 30 cubic meters of water from two wells located on the territory of Bayramali region. This allowed the cattle breeding farm "Üçajy" to fully provide water to a herd of 2 thousand cattle.

In Serkhetabat, a well used by livestock farmers from the "Guşgy" farm has undergone serious reconstruction. The cattle breeders had already worked in the area and overhauled three wells. Thus, the Guşgy cattle breeders now have four water sources for grazing their cattle. The wells are about 40 meters deep. Each of them is able to produce more than 20 cubic meters of water daily to quench the thirst of a herd of 6,000 goats and sheep.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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