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Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future - Russian Ambassador to Turkmenistan

Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future - Russian Ambassador to Turkmenistan

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan dedicated his article to the newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan Day of Russia. Alexander Blokhin emphasizes that this is a special date for Russians, which reminds us that on June 12, 1990 Russia adopted a Declaration on State Sovereignty, which served as a starting point for political and economic reforms. Having overcome difficulties, the state entered a new stage strong, free, independent.

Russians are proud of the achievements of their state and their contribution to universal progress. Citizens of the Russian Federation appreciate the past and look to the future with hope, believing that the descendants will increase with dignity the achievements of their ancestors.

In cooperation with international partners, the Russian Federation is searching for answers to the challenges of the modern world. Scientists from Russia have produced and established the production of an effective vaccine Sputnik-V. The state is an active member of the UN, advocates the strengthening of the rule of law and the stable development of the entire planet. Russia is building an equal, mutually beneficial dialogue with foreign partners, especially on the CIS platform. In this context, the Russian Federation highly appreciates the achieved level of interaction with Turkmenistan. Russia and Turkmenistan have similar positions on the fundamental issues of the world agenda. The presidents of Turkmenistan and Russia have established a dialogue of trust, ensuring the effective expansion of Turkmen-Russian cooperation. It is going on even now, in the year of the thirtieth anniversary of independence of neutral Turkmenistan. The high-level visits interrupted due to the global pandemic have been resumed. Recently, mutual understanding has been reached on a number of topical issues.

In his article, the Russian diplomat also noted that Turkmens and Russians have a good mutual understanding from the old days and that there are foundations for strengthening cooperation in the future as well.

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