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A popular meat and dairy producer has modernized its operations

The introduction of digital technology in the production of meat and dairy products by the famous company "Ajaip ussat halal onumleri" has brought the enterprise to a new level.

The complex, located in Baherden etrap of Akhal province, was commissioned in 2015. The 14 cowsheds contain more than 1 thousand sheep and 2 thousand cattle, including representatives of Holstein breed (Germany) and Simmental breed (Switzerland). The enterprise produces 17 tons of milk per day.

The farm has implemented a computerized cattle care system: massage brushes, automatic manure removal, ventilation. All cows have special chips that track performance and health status of the animal.

Two years ago, a new farm for the production of marble meat appeared in the structure of "Ajayip ussat halal onumleri". For this purpose, 69 cows of Aberdeen-Angus breed were bought in Germany. Now the farm has 300 cows of this breed and is breeding them.


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