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Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Italy Met with Head of IFAD - IFAD

Turkmenistan's Ambassador to Italy Met with Head of IFAD - IFAD

Ambassador of Turkmenistan in Italy Toili Komekov spoke with the head of IFAD Gilbert Fossun Ungbo. The parties met in Rome, at the headquarters of the Interstate Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The Turkmen ambassador told the head of the Fund about the steps being taken in Turkmenistan to transform the country's agro-industrial complex into a high-tech sphere, where any innovative solution can be easily implemented, and about the reforms being implemented to achieve these goals.

The priority steps for the development of the agricultural sector of the Turkmen state are increasing the profitability of the agricultural sector, the extensive use of advanced technologies, and the reasonable use of land and water.

The President of IFAD informed the interlocutor about the functions of the fund and the projects that the organization implements in a number of countries around the world. Their key objective is to improve the livelihoods of rural people.

The parties expressed their mutual intention to carry out activities on mutual cooperation between IFAD and Turkmenistan. Its strengthening in the future will help to implement future common projects on assistance to agricultural producers.

IFAD (or IFAD, from International Fund for Agricultural Development) is a special UN agency. Its main task is to mobilize financial resources to increase food reproduction and improve agricultural technologies used in rural areas of developing countries. The current head of the Fund, Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, previously headed the Cabinet of Ministers in Togo.


Photo: IFAD/Daniele Bianchi

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