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The Embassy of Turkmenistan in the capital of Azerbaijan organized a bicycle rally

The Embassy of Turkmenistan in Baku organized a bicycle rally

On the occasion of the World Bike Day and the thirtieth anniversary of Turkmenistan's state independence, a bicycle ride was organized by the Turkmen diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani capital's Seaside Park Department. The bicycle race was held from the observation wheel to the State Flag Square along a special bicycle path in the Baku Seaside National Park, which is a landmark of the capital of Azerbaijan and one of the favorite resting places for Baku residents and guests of the capital.

The participants were employees of diplomatic missions, university students, cyclists, and amateur cyclists. Everyone could take part in the culture of active leisure and healthy lifestyle and spend time with health benefits.

Recall that in 2018. The General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously adopted resolutions proclaiming June 3 as World Bike Day. These resolutions were initiated by Turkmenistan.

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