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Robot-builder from Innopolis University received a patent in Turkmenistan

The construction cable 3D printer developed by the specialists of the Center of Competences at Innopolis University received a patent in Turkmenistan. The unique construction robot was patented by the Eurasian Patent Office, and the member countries of the Eurasian Patent Convention received protection of the exclusive right to use the newest construction robot.

This is reported by Orient news, citing the news agency TACC.

Among the advantages of the new robot are its compact size, which makes it easy to transport from place to place. The new 3D construction printer is lightweight and cost-effective, which sets it apart from its current counterparts.

Innopolis University is one of the largest and most famous scientific sites in the world. It belongs to the free economic zone, dealing with investments in science and holding various international forums.

Photo: Innopolis University


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