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Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and the United States hold talks in a new format

Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan R. Meredov, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs D. Hale, Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan M.H. Atmar held the first round of talks in the online format. The talks focused on key issues in the political, economic, trade and humanitarian spheres. Participants in the talks noted that the first meeting of this format, initiated by Turkmenistan, would give a strong start to further discussing and resolving fundamental issues of a regional natureThis is particularly true of aid to Afghanistan.

A key topic of discussion is. intensifying inter-Afghan negotiationsThe following are some of the main objectives of the the peaceful stabilization of Afghanistan. Turkmenistan firmly defends the use of exclusively political and diplomatic approach in order to establish peace in Afghanistan. Our state is ready to provide a platform for the continuation of inter-Afghan meetings, earlier this proposal was put forward by the President of Turkmenistan during the opening speech of the 75th U.N. General Assembly.

In addition, the diplomats discussed increased trade between the United States, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and the entire Central Asian region. Increased trade is possible due to increased efficiency of customs and other procedures in accordance with the previously concluded agreement. In this regard, the importance of improving transport and transit and fuel and energy connections was noted. Participants of the negotiations discussed optimization of the use of Lapis Lazuli and considered the possibility of implementing new logistics projects that are conducive to the growth of regional trade turnover. Implementation TAPI and power lines TAP were not neglected either.

Representatives of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and the United States considered the possibility of cooperation in the medical sphere, which is especially relevant in conditions of the global pandemic. Humanitarian and social issues such as women's rights and economic empowerment were discussed.

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