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The harvest of private farms in Turkmenistan will exceed 150 thousand tons

In the first 5 months of 2021 the entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan managed to harvest 86.7% more fruit and vegetable productsthan last year. In total, SPPT members are preparing to harvest more than 150 thousand tons of agricultural products during the spring season. Privatized Dayhan associations have increased efficiency through technological modernization and rationalization of water consumption.

According to figures published by the SPPT, The harvest of vegetables this season will reach 59.6 thousand tons, berries and grapes - 44.6 thousand tons. Agrarians are going to harvest about 63.9 thousand tons of cereals and legumes. The spring harvest of maize and millet is expected to be 891.5 tons.

As we previously reported, The President of Turkmenistan approved Providing financial assistance to SMEs. Representatives of the private agricultural sector will use the money to upgrade equipment, purchase planting materials, build greenhouses and other tasks.

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