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Pomegranate harvest has begun in Turkmenistan

Agronomists in Turkmenistan are harvesting pomegranates. The king of oriental fruits, so it is called in the people, is widely represented on the shelves of stores and markets of the country.

November is the perfect time to pick the pomegranate. This juicy fruit is grown in the subtropical climate of the Sumbar River Valley. Here, near the Lunar Mountains, there is a plantation with the largest pomegranates in Turkmenistan.

The number of pomegranate groves in the country increases every year. Most often agronomists grow local varieties: "Tutligala", "Garakel", "Aydere", "Enar" - sweet and sour-sweet.

Pomegranates need careful care. Only through the right actions of farmers one tree can give up to 70 kg of fruit per season. Some individual pomegranate fruits weigh up to 600 grams.

Pomegranates become juicy and tasty because of the abundance of sunlight and heat, but pomegranates do not like excessive moisture. Pomegranates have a lot of vitamins, they protect against stroke and have many other useful properties.


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