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Home Internet from AŞTU (GTS) can now be connected without leaving home

Ashgabat City Telephone Network (AŞTU) has launched several new services for their clients.

From now on, AŞTU users do not need to visit branches of the telecom operator to connect Internet and IPTV services. Now it can be done online, in your personal office, at the following address The contract, which must be signed to connect the service, will be brought by a technical support employee, who will come to the place where the service is connected and sign it there.

The operator's official website reports that the company is actively working to introduce this service in mobile applications based on iOS and Android.

In addition, the operator has included a new function to manage telephone services, in the user's personal account and in applications for mobile devices. For example, there you can enable or disable long-distance and/or international calls (8 and 10).

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