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Head of Turkmenistan Receives New Japanese Ambassador

On November 24, the Leader of the Turkmen Nation met with the new Ambassador of Japan Yamamoto Hiroyuki and accepted the diplomat's credentials.

The parties noted the strategic importance of interstate cooperation, which is implemented in various directions. A good example of long-term partnership is bilateral support at the international level and participation in the CA+Japan dialogue.

Politicians emphasized the the prospects for economic cooperation between the countries. Thus, with the assistance of the Japanese side in Turkmenistan were built industrial complexes for the production of ammonia and urea (Mary), carbamide (Garabogaze), polyethylene and polypropylene (Kiyanly), synthetic gasoline (Akhal region). Currently, the Japanese partners are involved in the construction of a high-tech gas turbine power plant, which will be located in the Lebap region.

Current areas of Turkmen-Japanese cooperation include: Energy, oil and gas, transportation, and other sectors. Of particular importance is humanitarian cooperationincluding partnerships in research, education, and culture.


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