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State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan Published Trading Results

The Turkmen State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange held an auction, which resulted in six deals worth over 30 million manats.

Base oils are popular in the domestic market. Therefore, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs bought several tons of SN-180 oil for AZN 19 million, as well as a quarter of a thousand tons of SN-600 oil for AZN 4 million.

Oil road bitumen produced by the state concern "Turkmenneft" is in great demand. Its purchase amounted to 5,000 tons in the amount of 8.6 million manat.

The website of the Turkmen Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange provides complete information on oil products and other commodities traded on the exchange. In addition, the time and days of the week of trading at the exchange are indicated.

For those entrepreneurs who prefer to negotiate with producers directly, the exchange website contains information on the functionality of the platform, which allows for such transactions. Also, the site has an opportunity to place ads for the sale of exchange goods.



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