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Turkmenistan's youth improve personal and business skills for successful employment

Turkmenistan's youth improve personal and business skills for successful employment

Chairman of the National Public Association "Union of Economists of Turkmenistan, Yuri Aronsky, an expert of the editorial board of Septalasia.News, said in his articlehow young people in Turkmenistan, by participating in trainings, improve their personal and business skills in order to be successful in employment. Today's educational systems place greater emphasis on developing practical skills in young people than on theoretical training. Trainings aimed at developing and improving personal skills contribute to this to a large extent.

In an effort to meet the requirements of our time, the public association "Union of Economists of Turkmenistan" as well as its branches organized similar events among young Turkmenistanis. So far, nine trainings have been held, with 185 participants. Classes are held in Turkmen, Russian and English languages. Centers of several associations, such as Keik Oskar, Yenme, Ish Nokady, Orlan and others also partnered in the campaign.


The trainings addressed a number of issues that are of interest to today's youth. These included effective time management, self-determination in the profession, the relationship of human health and success, the ability to use available knowledge and experience productively, the sequence of job search and employment, ethical behavior in the business sphere, and much more.

In the future, taking into account the existing experience and developments, the above trainings can be recommended as an optional subject for high schools and vocational schools of Turkmenistan.

At the moment, the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan is also training business-coaches for further training of young people who try themselves in private entrepreneurship. This training is scheduled to be completed in May of this year. Taking into account the fact that There is a steady increase in the share of the private sector in the Turkmen economy todayThe task at hand is quite justified and relevant.

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