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Demand for oil products increased on the GTS of Turkmenistan

On Monday, the results of trading on the GTSB of Turkmenistan were summed up. During the past week, 32 deals were made with payment in dollars and TMT.

Businessmen from Afghanistan bought liquefied gas and local entrepreneurs bought various kinds of oil products. The following products were popular at the auction: calcined petroleum coke, TPPZ 30 G grade polypropylene, SN-350 grade base oil and other raw materials. The volume of purchases of each type of raw material amounted to several thousand tons.

Afghan businessmen bought 1,000 tons of liquefied gas. The market price per ton was $456. Handmade carpets were in demand in the domestic market. Turkmen businessmen made a sale-purchase deal for over 40 thousand TMT. About 17 square meters of products were purchased.

Trading on the state commodity exchange continues, with more information available at

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