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President of Turkmenistan Visits Largest Mosque in Central Asia

Today, President Serdar Berdymukhamedov concluded his first state visit to Kazakhstan with a visit to the Main Mosque in Astana.

This mosque, opened on August 12 this year, is the largest mosque not only in Kazakhstan but also in Central Asia. Thanks to its size, it has taken its rightful place among the ten largest mosques in the world.

The total area of the Main Mosque of Astana is 68,062 square meters, the length of the large dome is 83.2 meters and the diameter is 62 meters. It combines four minarets, each 130 meters long. The mosque allows 235 thousand people to pray simultaneously. This unique object of the Muslim world and the park stretched on its territory have already become a new point of attraction for tourists visiting the Kazakh capital.

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