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Turkmenistan Customs to implement TIR-EPD advance cargo declaration

State Customs Service of Turkmenistan The potential for introducing TIR-EPD advance cargo declaration systems. Turkmen Customs, in cooperation with the International Road Transport Union (IRU), held an online seminar on this topic. The participants were employees of customs automation departments who received the most detailed information on TIR-EPD principles.

The State Customs Service of Turkmenistan pays much attention to the improvement of international partnership. In addition, the service seeks to implement the norms of international law at the level of Turkmenistan. These aspects are stipulated in the Program of Development of the Turkmen Customs System, approved for 2017-2020. By implementing this program, the state service expands and develops interaction both with the world structures and customs of other countries.

In its activities, the Turkmen Customs Service is also guided by the Resolution that approved the Concept of Digital Economy Development for 2019-2025. Based on it, the Turkmen Customs Service is working on the digitalization of its activities. For example, the "Single Window" system is being actively introduced, which is facilitated by cooperation with UNDP and UNCTAD.

The introduction of the TIR-EPD advance cargo declaration system by the national customs is also aligned with the above-mentioned Concept. In this matter, the Service closely cooperates with the IRU.


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