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Turkmen enterprise "Türkmen Galkan" introduces new products from 2023

Private production company "Turkmen Galkan" will introduce a new type of product - cooked sausage "Ezder" in 2023, which will be possible due to an increase in production capacity of the enterprise. This was reported by, referring to the publication "Rysgal".

The new product will be available in special packaging in 500-gram containers.

The Turkmen enterprise is engaged in the production of meat and sausage products. It is a cattle breeding farm, which has dozens of cattle and small ruminants and is located in the territory of Balkan velayat in Konekesir village. The workshops have advanced equipment from Russian manufacturers, which provides a daily output of 500 kg of products.

The range includes smoked sausage, liver scraps, smoked turkey, smoked turkey meat and much more.

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