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Mash production will increase in Dashoguz province

In 2020, farmers in Dashoguz province will be allocated land for mash. This will increase the production of this crop, while improving the efficiency of land use.

Mung bean is a unique crop of the legume family. First, mung bean increases soil fertility. Second - this crop grows well in the local climate and is resource-efficient, which is extremely important for lands with minimal water supply. Thirdly, mungbean is valued for its high nutritive properties. In Dashoguz velayat, local residents already have successful experience of growing this plant.

In order to implement the task of increasing mash production in the etrap named after S. Turkmenbashi, 700 hectares were allocated. S.Turkmenbashi was allocated 700 hectares and 350 hectares in Gurbansoltan-eje etrap.

In Turkmenistan, it is also planned to increase the volume of sesame production. Private companies are actively involved in this direction.


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