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IUGNIR Turkmenistan chose a university representative in the "Student Beauty 2021" contest

The International University of Humanities and Development (IUHNiD) of Turkmenistan selected the most beautiful female student to represent her institution of higher education in the final stage of the "Student Beauty 2021" competition. Such events are held systematically in Turkmenistan. They allow the girls to demonstrate not only their beauty and manners but also their diligence, creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge of the native people's traditions and breadth of vision.

The organizers of the "Student Beauty 202021" stage were the Ministry of Education, as well as the Center Councils of the Women's Union of Turkmenistan and the Makhtumkuli Youth Organization. Seven female students from different faculties competed against each other in three tasks. In the first of them they showed current achievements, respect for girls of Turkmenistan and their creative talents. The contestants recited poems, sang songs, showed theatrical miniatures united by a common theme - "Turkmenistan is the homeland of peace and trust".

The second competition was a culinary task. The students competed in cutting "unash" - national noodles. The book "Blessed Turkmen Table", authored by Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, helped them in this task.

The third and final part allowed contestants to show how skillfully they can embroider.


In the end, by decision of a special panel of judges, the grand prize went to Sulgun Bazarova, a first-year journalism student, who will represent the university in the finals. First place went to Maya Mukhammedova, a sophomore studying at the Faculty of International Relations. Second place was shared by Jennet Ovezova (sophomore International Insurance and Management), Ogulbeg Esenova and Jennet Kakyshova (Language Studies). Haltyach Nazarkulieva (freshman IT) and Dursun Yazmuradova (Language Studies) took third place. The organizers gave the winners certificates of merit and valuable prizes.

Recall: the finals of the contest "Student Beauty - 2021" at the national level will be held on the eve of March 8.

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