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Production of playground complexes will be established in Turkmenistan

The Ak Kent company has been operating in Turkmenistan since 2018 and is a well-known manufacturer of plastic products. According to SPPT, the company intends to establish the production of play complexes and modern equipment for playgrounds. This will make it possible to install high-quality locally produced products on the streets of Turkmen cities, which will be distinguished by their reliability, durability and attractive design.

The main profile of Ak Kent plant, located in Akhal province, is the production of large plastic containers for storing water and other liquids from 100 liters to 25 thousand liters and production of trays for feeding pets. Raw materials for production needs are bought both in the Turkmen market and from foreign suppliers. It all depends on the specific task and purpose of the goods. Among other things, Ak Kent produces children's swimming pools and fences for roads and highways.

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