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High indicators of the industrial sector in Turkmenistan are the result of the country's industrialization

Valentin Trapeznikov, an economic observer with, reported the results of an analysis of industrialization in Turkmenistan.

The five-month period of 2022 was analyzed in comparison with the same period of 2021. The intensity of industrialization, according to the analyst, contributes to a high and stable growth of production in various industries.

The export indicator also grew by almost one and a half times. The best results were achieved:

  • electronic industry (production of computers, smart TVs, smartphones, etc.);
  • food production (up to 40% for certain groups of goods);
  • refining of petroleum products and the chemical industry;
  • electricity generation (11.3% more);
  • light industry (shoes, fabrics, leather goods).

Thanks to this, the share of industry in GDP gives higher figures than in the same period last year.



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