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Pakistan Plans to Import Liquefied Natural Gas from Turkmenistan

Pakistan is negotiating with Turkmenistan on the purchase of liquefied natural gas. This was announced by the country's Minister of State Musadiq Malik at the meeting held on Monday in the Oil Committee of the Senate of Pakistan, reports the electronic edition of "The Times".

- If an agreement is reached with Turkmenistan, the country's energy problems will be solved. According to the minister, negotiations with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on the purchase of energy resources are underway.

Although liquefied natural gas entered the global market shortly before Pakistan soon became a major importer. The depletion of domestic gas reserves and the shift to cleaner and cheaper power generation will push Pakistan to supplement its energy mix with liquefied natural gas. There is a dramatic imbalance between the demand and supply of liquefied natural gas in the country. Due to high energy consumption, the situation is exacerbated during the winter months. Therefore, importing liquefied natural gas from Central Asian countries is one of the cost-effective solutions for Pakistan's economy. In this regard, Musadiq said that about 20 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas are planned to be imported during winter months.

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