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It is now possible to become a bidder in Turkmenistan online

It is now possible to become a bidder in Turkmenistan online

Tendering companies in Turkmenistan can submit bids online. The opportunity to send bids to the organizers via the Internet appeared due to changes in the country's legislation.

A law amending another legislative act of Turkmenistan regulating participation in tenders for work, goods and services for state bodies came into force on Friday.

Prior to that, companies wishing to participate in the bidding had to send an envelope sealed with a mastic seal to the organizer. The message had to contain a complete bid.

The new document amends Article 22 of the above Law. It regulates the conditions and form of submission of bids. After the amendment, the tender proposal can be sent to the electronic mailbox of the organizer. The documents must have a digital signature of the bidder.

An amendment was also made to Article 8 of this Law. The organizers are now required to publish tenders both in the printed press and in Internet publications. They may also send out invitations to potential bidders via the Internet.

According to the amendments to Article 33 of the legislative act, notifications of tender procedures can be generated in the form of an electronic document. Prior to the amendments, such notifications were sent only in written form.



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