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Tashkent supports political agreement of Afghan leaders

The Uzbek side welcomes the peace process reached by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and former Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah. The agreement refers to the establishment of an inclusive government and the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation, which will open the way to peace negotiations. This was reported in Press Service of the diplomatic office.

The Uzbek Foreign Ministry stressed that these decisions will open the way to political negotiations inside the country and help establish a long-term peace in Afghanistan.

The ministry noted that the Uzbek side will continue to strengthen relations with the population of the neighboring country, as well as the state intends to support the peaceful process of inter-Afghan political settlement in every possible way.

Recall that last Sunday in Afghanistan, acting President Ashraf Ghani and former Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah signed a political agreement to share power.

During the ceremony, former head of state Hamid Karzai gave a speech in which he thanked the parties for taking reconciliation measures to accelerate national unity. He also added that the Taliban and the Afghan government would now "not fire a single bullet.

Abdullah Abdullah also thanked all the political forces of the country and the population.

Afghanistan's official President Ashraf Ghani said that a national consensus of Afghans is necessary for the country's survival, because through unity, the state, together with the people, can prepare the "ground" for a cease-fire, as well as achieve lasting peace on Afghan soil.

We should add that the re-elected head of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani took the oath of office on March 9, 2020 and officially assumed office. However, Abdullah Abdullah did not accept his defeat in the elections and held his own inauguration ceremony as head of the country on the same day.

According to the signed agreement, Abdullah will head the High National Reconciliation Council and his supporters will also be included in the Afghan government.

In addition, as early as May 17, the sides signed a decree awarding the title of Marshal of the Armed Forces of Afghanistan to General Abdul-Rashid Dustum of Uzbek descent.

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