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Trading on the GTSB of Turkmenistan on June 23 brought $993.7 thousand.

The trades on the STSBT of June 23 brought $993.7 thousand to the country. Five large deals were made. Among the goods sold for export were TS-1 aviation kerosene and iodized salt.

The deal worth a total of $557,800 with a businessman from Afghanistan was made in relation to jet fuel. The businessman purchased 500 tons of jet fuel from Turkmenistan.

A buyer from the UAE purchased 10,000 tons of iodine-enriched table salt. The state concern "Turkmenhimiya" received 200 thousand dollars for the goods.

A businessman from Pakistan purchased iodine and diamond green medical pencils worth a total of 128.6 TMT from the GTSBT.


Photo: spetsemal-south.rf

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