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Construction of a new computer equipment plant is planned in Turkmenabat

Bilimli laptops, handed out on December 21 to first graders of the capital's schools, were made at the company's "Agzybirlik tilsimaty". The plant produces personal computers of various configurations, launched the production of interactive panels, and is preparing to launch the production of monoblocks.

This year the children received laptops with increased processor power and more RAM. In cooperation with representatives of the educational sphere, they developed special training applicationsavailable for download on the website

The company produces about 30 items of IT products, with annual production volumes exceeding 200,000 units. Taking into account the prospects of entering the industrial scale and the development of the external market, it is planned to Construction of another plant in Turkmenabatwhich will make it possible to ensure the production of about 500,000 units computer technology.


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