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Turkmenistan's Representatives to the OSCE Make Statement on Environmental and Economic Challenges

Turkmenistan's Representatives to the OSCE Make Statement on Environmental and Economic Challenges

During the regular meeting of the OSCE Economic and Environmental Committee, Turkmenistan's representatives to the OSCE voiced a statement on the country's priorities in the environmental and economic fields.

It noted that economic guidance, the promotion of transport connectivity, trade facilitation as well as energy security were among the key vectors of Turkmenistan-OSCE co-operation in the environmental and economic areas. It was stressed that Turkmenistan's partnership with the OSCE continues to work to advance dialogue and interaction in the field of energy security. The protection of energy networks, promotion of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency are key interests.

Also during the meeting, topics such as intelligent management of the natural environment, climate change, regulation of water resources, and women's participation in energy projects were addressed. The Turkmen government is also working with the OSCE on promoting green ports and consistency, as well as empowering women in the energy sector. On this issue, Turkmenistan representatives noted that Turkmenbashi International Seaport has been actively involved in a recent survey to assess port readiness for digitalization and in meetings of the project's working group held online.

The participants of the meeting were also informed about other priority areas of Turkmenistan's foreign policy. These include energy security, sustainable transport, and water resources management. These areas are significant components of sustainable progress. The Turkmen delegation cited several initiatives by Turkmenistan related to energy security that have been put forward at the UN and a number of other intergovernmental organizations. Turkmenistan continues to gradually increase its transport capacity and initiate large-scale transport and communication projects of regional and interstate importance.

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